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The Best Lawn Care Practices

Effective maintenance of the lawns can increase the value of the houses.They can be the perfect place where the holiday lights can be fixed for a celebration. The lawns require serious attention to ensure that they look like the golf courses.The article advises on how you can go about the routine care and maintenance of the lawns.

Stop The Weed From Growing

You have to control the development of the weeds from the start. You should use the pre-emergent herbicides to ensure that they do not sprout. Some of the weeds may become difficult to control once they sprout.You should ensure that you follow the guidelines of the herbicide application to get the right results.

Maintain The Right Length

You need to maintain the correct length of the lawns. The short lawns are prone to diseases because you will create a competitive advantage to the weeds and the grass will not have enough blades to manufacture the food.Ensure that you maintain high length and constantly mow the grass to maintain the height. Ensure that you leave more than two-thirds of the blades to help in photosynthesis

Sharpen The Blades

You need to observe the maintenance practice of the blades to ensure that they are sharp on both edges. Mowing through your lawns using blunt blades causes the patches on the grass that may attract the diseases and pests. You should ensure that your mower is sharp enough to offer excellent cuts. When you constantly mow, ensure that the blades are sharp and change them once they show signs of wear.

Water The Lawns In The Morning

You need to ensure that you conduct the maintenance practices in the morning. Watering in the morning is being associated with high moisture retention that encourages the breeding of the diseases. You should use the right irrigation periods.You should ensure that the soil is soaked for good penetration.

Feed The Grass With Fertilizers

The grass must be well fed with fertilizers for them to look green. You should ensure that you get the nitrogenous fertilizers for the grass. You grass will achieve the green color when they are given the Nitrogen. You should read the instructions on the packages and follow the application procedures. Too much of the Nitrogen cause bleaching of the grass and you should be moderate in your applications.

You have to be prepared to spend your time and money for the attractive lawns.You need to ensure that you restrain the kids and the pets from the grass during the maintenance. You should use techniques such as the creation of the pavements to lead people away from your lawns. You can hire professional lawn attendant to ensure that they look nice.

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