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Ways You Can Avoid Suffering From UTIs.

A urinary tract infection is one of the most stressful things women suffer from. If you do not want to go through such an ordeal again, there are a number of ways you can achieve that. One of the things which can ensure you will not have to deal with a UTI gain is drinking a lot of water. With a lot of water intake, you will definitely have to urinate several times in the day and this is crucial in getting rid of any bacteria which might be in your system. Also, remember to maintain good hygiene when it comes to using the toilet. In using a toilet, make sure that your wiping technique is correct because if you do not you will end up introducing harmful bacteria from the anus to the opening of the urinary tract.

You should also maintain cleanliness so that you do not encourage the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. You need to take a bath at least two times every day due to the normal body discharge. You will not have to use a lot of money or time in staying clean compared to what goes into treating the infections targeting the urinary tract. You will find yourself happier if you can maintain cleanliness compared to staying dirty because this can even cost you your social relationships. There are bacteria which are great for the body when it comes to fighting the harmful one in fighting harmful bacteria, you need to make sure the ones which are useful to the body are maintained. Remember that the chances of suffering from UTIs will be more if you flush out the good bacteria. Be wary or using douching products, sprays or powders in the region. This are notorious culprits when it comes to flushing out the normal flora. Make sure you get a lot of probiotics by taking food items which are fermented.

When it comes to intimacy, you need to be intelligent so that you do not affect the system. You might push harmful bacteria up the tract which can affect the pelvic health immensely. When using barrier methods in practicing safe sex, remember that the urethra will end up being compressed and this will be a big deal in emptying the bladder. You will end up gathering more bacteria in the system with no way to find their way outside. With the use of spermicides, you will be disturbing the natural bacteria in the system. Once the good ones are killed, the harmful ones will take the chance to do their harm in full force. Ensure the clothes you put on are not very tight because this will favor the harmful bacteria.

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